The Vision Of OutlawRidge Ministries

We at OutlawRidge have stepped out in faith desiring to more fully serve, and to fulfil the call God has placed on this ministry.

Recently acquiring a 31-acre parcel of land that has some improvements in place, we are now humbly requesting your support and investment in this mission by helping us build the Respite Guesthouse and the Equine Program small open-air building, known as The White Horse Project.  We need your help, and humbly ask that you pray and consider being a part of serving the Lord with us.

For the past eight years respite guests have spent their visit sharing our founders’ 430 square foot home. Since fall of 2019 Bible studies have been held twice weekly in The Bible Study Room built at this tiny home in the town of Hulett, Wyoming.  In June of 2022 and 2023 we hosted our annual Womens Conference in the front yard of this same tiny home. The horses had been located at two different lease properties.

Last fall, half the new property had been partitioned and fenced, with most of the horses now residing there.  In order to fully serve in the measure the Lord has called us to, land and buildings have been a vital necessity. Now that property has been acquired we are eager to move forward with building.

Construction of buildings will allow OutlawRidge a much greater depth of service, tremendously impacting and affecting those we are appointed to serve. Our ability has been limited only by the physical location available to us in the town of Hulett.  Once buildings are constructed on the new property more individuals and groups will receive the refreshment and ministering they so desperately need, including those who have been requesting to come but due to our lack of accommodations have not been able to. Not only will Bible study, respite programs and the Womens Conference be enhanced and continue but several special events and new programs are being developed.

New Believers Week

Equine Assisted Therapy Programs

Care Givers Respite

Military & Law Enforcement Refreshment Weekend

Intercessory Prayer Evening

Equestrian Stewardship Workshops and Round Pen Training


Thank you for seeking the Lord about our mission and praying for His guidance. May we please hear from you?

Save some by snatching them as from the very flames of Hell itself. And as for others, help them to find the Lord by being kind to them, Jude 23a (TLB)

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