Mission Statement
Provide a Christian sanctuary functioning by the natural God-given energy and resources He
provides, in a serene setting with an equine atmosphere where individuals or groups may come to
renew, recharge, refresh, progress, enhance, learn, or begin their lives with, and in, Christ, with
an emphasis on a celebration of Christ through glorification, edification, devotion, worshipful
song, private serenity, Bible study, and ministering to others, for the growth of the body of
Christ, while also experiencing educational opportunities and interaction with animals including
resident rescued and adopted equine, facilitating responsible stewardship of God’s creatures.
Vision Statement
*  Refreshing those active in the mission field of Jesus Christ, be they clergy, evangelists,   
musicians or teachers, to strengthen them through a period of serene respite.

*  Uplifting and teaching those hungering for Truth.

*  Sharing Biblical values embracing compassionate, entrusted stewardship of God's creation.
I will go in the strength of the Lord God:
I will make mention of thy righteousness; even of thine only.
Psalm 71:16