Daily Bible Study                                         Christian music library
Guest Speakers                                             Reading area with Christian library
Water Baptisms                                             Special Events as scheduled
Intercessory Prayer                                       
Christ centered enrichment workshops and seminars
Peaceful and thought provoking outdoor seating, walking and worship areas
Daily fellowship time of prayer, discussion and worshipful song
The Sanctuary will be a restful place with a variety of activities and opportunities.
Responsible Stewardship Activities
educational opportunities through interactive learning with animals including rescued and adopted equine.
Round Pen Natural Horse Training Techniques
Recognizing, Interpreting and Communicating with the Language of Equus
Creating Teamwork with Trust and Mutual Respect
Working with Special Needs, Adopted, or Wild Horses
Therapy Horses
special events and activities as announced
Horse Training Opportunities
exhibiting trust, respect, equine communication, and natural horsemanship.
I will praise the name of God with a song,
and will magnify Him with thanksgiving.
Psalm 69:30
On-Line Bible Study Outreach

please consider joining us on FaceBook and become a member of our
OutlawRidge Ministries Bible Study Group
ongoing discussions and archived documents include Scripture Of The Day, Message Studies, Mini Scripture Studies, Living
Biblically, General Discussion and Prayer Requests.  Several times a year we offer Book Studies.  A biblically based book is read at
your own pace with chapters discussed through postings weekly.   Click
here to check out the group.
Classes and clinics primarily conducted by Ranch Manager, David Plekan, a professional natural horsemanship trainer
for over twenty years, and CEO Debi Plekan who has over thirty years experience in equine management, veterinary
practices, equine and canine nutrition.  Both David and Debi have over twenty-five years experience in responsible animal
stewardship education, personal rescue, fostering and adoption.  Guest clinicians may also be offered.
Several times a year we will set aside time
specifically for

*  CareGivers  
*  Military and Law Enforcement  

and twice annually we will host a   
*   New Believers Week