About Us
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We reside in a mission field  It’s in our own backyard.  Our friends and
neighbors, our families, our brothers and sisters who labor for Christ. The woman down the street
diligently caring for her parents, the young man seeking Jesus but not knowing where or with whom to
start, the evangelist facing burn-out as he spends yet another night on the road, the soldier awaiting
deployment, our faithful pastor… this is our own personal mission field.  They need strengthened, they
need renewed, they need healed, cared for and uplifted.
This is our assignment at OutlawRidge Ministries
OutlawRidge Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), non-profit public charity,
grass-roots ministry serving fellow Christians, and those seeking Him,
at no charge for any of our services.
We are located in the beautiful Black Hills of Wyoming in the small western town of Hulett.
God has instructed us
to purchase a property and develop a western,
equestrian atmosphere, Christian sanctuary that is a
serene place of refuge, respite and learning,
to serve and minister to the people.

Programs, meals, lodging, and events will all be completely free.

We will operate strictly through donations
and support from people and businesses just like you.
•        Refreshing those active in the mission field of Jesus Christ, be they clergy, evangelists,
musicians or teachers, to strengthen them through a period of serene respite.
•        Uplifting and teaching those hungering for Truth.
•        Sharing Biblical values embracing compassionate, entrusted stewardship of God’s creation
Vision Statement
Fund Raising efforts have begun!
and we are garnering support
from people that would participate through investment in this mission.

Would you please pray and seek God’s direction about how
you might participate and support His purpose for the Sanctuary at OutlawRidge?
Carry each other’s burdens
and so live out the law of Christ.
Galatians 6:2 (PHILLIPS)
OutlawRidge Ministries, Inc.             PO Box 96  Hulett, WY 82720  USA               email: info@outlawridge.org